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3 killed, dozens injured in Boston Marathon explosions

Cab driver killed, 4 injured in crash - scene photos

President Obama on the Boston Marathon


Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre's 9th Annual "Puppetsploitation"

Puppeteers Emily Hynds of Bootown and Chris Thompson of Sketchy Neighbors describe their contributions to Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre’s 9th Annual Puppetsploitation, a festival of puppet works for the adventurous and discriminating adult.

Schools Div. Conf. All
Mercyhurst 10-0 13-7 14-8
Notre Dame (Ohio) 7-3 9-6 9-6
Wash. & Jeff. 5-4 6-7 7-7
Gannon 5-5 7-8 8-12
Penn St.-Behrend 1-7 3-12 6-17
Salem International 0-9 0-13 0-16
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War PosterNew Exhibit Open in March! Art of War: Posters Promoting Service and Sacrifice
A special collection of rare and vintage posters from WWI and WWII that tell the story of a country unified by war.

JapaneseLand of Joy and Sorrow: Japanese Pioneers of the Yakima Valley
This exhibition traces the story of the Japanese families who settled in the Yakima Valley. Exhibit ongoing.
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Schools Div. Conf. All
Princeton 5-2 15-2 20-4
Bucknell 5-3 10-5 13-9
Navy 5-3 9-3 15-5
Johns Hopkins 2-5 11-10 14-14
George Washington 1-5 9-12 11-16

Frederic Chiu

We chat with internationally-acclaimed concert pianist Frederic Chiu, who invites his audience to be the judge in his competition-style recital-program Classical Smackdown.